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Upcoming Events at St. John's 2018

Alpha Course

25th April - 13th June 2018

(Wednesday 12pm- 2pm)


Spring Sunday

Sunday 29th April 2018

Treasure Hunt - 11.30

Lunch - 12.30


Agape Meal

29th March 2018 7pm


Lent Course

26th Feb - 16th April 2018

(Mondays 12pm - 1pm)


Fairtrade Come on In Coffee Morning

7th March 2018 10.30am - 12pm


Pancake Party

13th Feb 2018


 The wise men’s journey to find Jesus with the

Bright Lights Puppet team

7th Jan 2018

IMG_2355-710x1024 IMG_2354-1024x708 wise-men

Epiphany!  Wise men looked up and followed the Star!

Join us this Sunday 7th January as we hear about the wise men’s journey to find Jesus.  Our friends from the Bright Lights Puppet team will be helping us in our worship.  We look forward to welcoming you there.

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